Missing Falls


I looked and U smiled,

Ordered some beer, they were mild.

We were drunk, I was choke,

I was leaving and you asked for smoke.

“why are you leaving? you just came by,

Stay a little longer, I’ll get some cheese and fry.”

You ran into kitchen with hope,

Your smile for me was DOPE.

We recalled the days of past,

It felt like our dreams were glassed.

Those late nights, silly chats and future plans,

Looked all a lie when we took a glance.

I don’t know what was it…

But was high on us,

Grief, happiness, dumb and numb,

All we needed was Just-a-Joint and few cush.

#cvam #justapoem


I Wish U Could

Night left , Neither a notification nor a text.

Day arrives, With wide open eyes..

A cup of tea and a bread slice…

Same train, same guys.

Meetings, workshops, trainings and calls,

Missing those memes, puns and crazy trolls.

you can’t text me, I shouldn’t call,

You are not using FB, whatsApp, Twitter et. all.

If I make a ping, you can’t poke back,

I’m stuck in server, DB and Racks.

You Know what hurts the most….

when its 11 at night,

you can’t say SD GN sleep tyt.

#cvam #justapoem



Just A Poem

A Poem in Hindi. 

शाम अब ढलती नहीं
सीधे रात आती है..
खवाब ठगने लगते हैं,
सुबह जबरन जगाती है।

वही रास्ते हैं
वहीं अब भी है मन्जिल..
सफर अच्छा नही लगता
मन्जिल रास नही आती।

खुद से नाराज हूँ
या खुदा पास नहीं मेरे
दवाएं बेकार लगती हैं…
दुआएं काम नहीं आती।

आलम कुछ यूं है…
तारीफ इल्जाम नजर आता है
जैसे कोशिशें खैरात चुकी हो ,
बोझ सा काम लगता है।

#शिवम् #cvam